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The battlefield of the Vosges - the battlefield today

Photographer Hans de Regt made beautiful pictures of what remains of the Vosges battlefields today. These pictures can be seen here: start the slideshow
(This is a show of 30 pictures - you can interrupt any time you want.)

In the area of the northern Vosges many parts of the original frontline of the war can be found in their original state. An example is the former front at the Chapelotte. This area has been strewn with remains of the First World War, complete with French and German trenches sometimes not more than a distance of thirty meters from each other.

To the other side of the valley of the Plaine lies the rests of the Schlangenburg, one of the greater German stronghold. In Mutzig can be found the very large fortress called Feste [Fortress] Kaiser Wilhelm II which was build before the Great War to withstand a breakthrough to Straszburg by possible attack of the French Army.


The Violu Nord and the Bernardstein show a multiple of quiet witnesses of the Great War in the Vosges like the remains of trenches, shell holes, barbed wire, fortifications and block houses. This is also the only place in France where the frontline of the Great War crossed the old German borderline from 1871, what is still visible by the border stones from that time.

The photos of this slideshow were made during a  trip with the Western Front Association Nederland in 2006. 
  Photos Hans de Regt 

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